Master Student Training Pack


All the accessories you need to undertake the Professional Training course:

  • 2x pairs of our new design SCENAR Gloves
  • 4x large SCENAR patches
  • 4x medium SCENAR patches
  • 10x pairs of Nitrile gloves
  • 2x SCENAR leads
  • Pawns/Mushrooms
  • 2x wires/leads
  • Splitter wire for 4 patches
  • SCENAR Slippers

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151 in stock


All the accessories you will ever need! The Master Pack contains the following items:

Pawns/Mushrooms (x1)

The Pawns deliver a ‘different’ very deep SCENAR signal and are very power full for dosing and brushing. The best accessory you can own.

SCENAR Gloves (2 pairs)

During our training course 85% of the work you will do is with the gloves. Puts the SCENAR on a different level. By treating with the gloves, you can feel how the body/muscles are reacting to the signal. Very advanced. These gloves are unique to us. We designed them using pure silver thread for greater & cleaner signal transfer and they last longer. These were developed based on the technology of our own design for the ULM or healing blanket.

Vinyl Gloves (x10 pairs)

These are worn under the SCENAR gloves to stop the signal going into your hands.

Patches and lead wires (2 wires and 8 patches)

You use the same lead wire to attach the patches or the slippers to your SCENAR device.

Wire Splitter (x1)

This is such a useful wire as it splits into 4 wires enabling you to use 4 patches with one SCENAR device. The standard wire will attach 2 patches.

SCENAR Slippers (1 pair)

Really great. 4 electrodes in each slipper connect with the meridian points in the feet. Remember, the signal needs to connect in a loop so it will enter through one slipper, travel up the leg, across the hips and down the other leg to the other slipper and complete the circuit. While it would not be so effective with hip treatment, feet and lower legs are wonderful.

There are many other accessories available for the SCENAR but you don’t really need them. 16 years ago we were told you need this and that accessory and we have draws full of other accessories that we never use. This pack contains everything we use in our therapy rooms. The only exception is the SCENAR Goggles for treating the eyes that are covered in the training course.

All the accessories you need to undertake the Professional Training course.

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